Bring imagination to life. Understand the clients' need, create a suitable solution for them, listen to the end users, and help fix their daily problem.

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Boston Children's Hospital
Senior Front-end Development Engineer, Modernize our front-end development, introduce new front-end frameworks React and Vue. Build reusable components using React and Vue. Create core style sheet for all new web app projects. Upgrade older apps to new web standards. Develop a React Components library for use in all new web app projects. Train team members on the latest technologies.
Hitachi Vantara
Senior Front-end Development Engineer, Working on Hitachi Content Intelligent (HCI) solution, build enterprise-level robust and secure UI components. ( AngularJS) Join company-wide International UI team, build reusable UI components using ReactJS, used by every Hitachi products. (ReactJS) Winner of Hackathon VIII with Platinum $1,000 award, compete with 20 other teams, Indoor Smart Phone Navigation app ( Javascript ) Migrate HCI to Kubernetes, Easticsearch, Fluentd, Kafka ( yaml, docker )
Feb 19
IMSH 2019 San Antonio
Guest speaker at Society for Simulation in Healthcare conference 2019 ( Pre-Surgical planning in VR with DICOM )
UMass Medical School
Senior Front-end Developer Work as member of web team, design and development for frontend, create interactive, data driven web pages, reuse-able mobile app. Support and maintenance of CMS, aid users with design, HTML layout, JavaScript, Jquery and CSS, as well as creating UI to aid with content editing. Help create and support in house 3D printing lab, create/design medical device and body model, use for research lab, school simulation lab, and hospital. Design and build medical image viewer in AR, build 3D model using medical images in real time. Create 3D VR body reconstruction surgery game, for knee, eye orbit, skull. Using windows mixed reality technologies create atrial fibrillation and pulmonary vein isolation procedure simulation. Create and design pre-surgical planning in VR with DICOM. Help school, departments, and research labs create 360 degree panorama photos and virtual tour.
Ju. 17
Boston Holohack
Winner of Boston Holohack by Microsoft 2017 ( create 3D model in AR using medical images in real time )
Ju. 18
Visual Studio live Las Vegas
Guest speaker for Visual Studio live Las Vegas 2018 ( Cognitive Services, AI chat bot )
Ma. 18
Visual Studio live Boston
Guest speaker for Visual Studio live Boston 2018 ( AI chat bot )
Advanced Practice Strategies, Inc.
Senior UI/UX Designer, Interaction Developer Work as member of UI/UX team, create and design the best medical learning method for busy doctors and nurses continue education and certification. Create on-line interact teaching method, and on-line assessment. Also taking role of coordinator, close the gap between content team and engineer team, developed and delivered Gnosis, a SaaS eLearning platform for doctors and nurses throughout the US. Worked on all aspects of a .NET web stack including SQL Server, MVC3 and JavaScript. Create jQuery plug-in for widgets using thought out the entire Gnosis application, cross browser compatible design, IE7 to iPad.
Inventor -- Patent: US20130076726
Confirming Compliance With a Configuration. Confirming compliance with a configuration includes: receiving information about a fixture, where the information includes a specified configuration of items to be displayed on the fixture; generating a display using the information, where the display depicts the specified configuration; presenting the display using a graphics system of a computing device; receiving an image depicting an actual configuration of the fixture; associating metadata with the image, where the metadata includes searchable data that distinguishes the fixture from at least some other fixtures of like type; sending the image, along with the metadata, over a network to a server that is remote from the computing device; and in a case that the specified configuration substantially matches the actual configuration, sending, along with the image and the metadata, a message indicating that the fixture is in compliance with the specified configuration.
RBM Technologies Inc.
Adobe Flex Senior UI developer Convert The RBM FrontLine™ Web Suite into Android tablet compatible application using HTML5 technologies. Create Visual Merchandising Manager (VMM) mobile using Adobe AIR. Design and developed real time 3D floor plan designer with augmented reality technologies, Paperversion 3D, and SketcUp. Using haXe and AIR I created an on-line/off-line application called Fixture Creator, which can generator simple fixture icon(s), and output file in swf, svg, and png formats.
RBM Technologies Inc.
Adobe Flex Senior Consultant The RBM FrontLine™ Web Suite is a web base retail merchandising process management tool, helping out with store design, fixture placement, and merchant's layout. As a contractor, I been working with back-end developer, design and developed next generation planogram designing tool, and fixture placement tool, using Adobe Flex 3 and Actionscript 3, both of them are one hundred percent data driven UI, fully translatable web base applications. Keep the customer in mind, both applications are designed with easy understanding visual interfaces, user error proof, data entry validation, better, more understandable error messages, and auto-convert, auto-correct old data into newer formatted data. They also have build in debug function to help back-end developer to debug within the application. Project is finished on time and within budget.
Centive Inc.
Sr. UI Software Engineer create web base technology solutions for automating compensation management, using latest web 2.0 applications, develop rich interface web application using Flex and ActionScript from Adobe (Macromedia).
1. Use Flex 1.5 and 2.0 create re-useable components.
2. Write UI controller in and data processing ActionScript 3.
3. Migration Flex 1.5 to 2.0, ActionScript 2 to 3.
4. Work with mid tier Java developer, connect EJB Weblogic to front end.
5. Help with project plan and production maintenance. review
IBM Inc.
Software Engineer, Services Professional in the e-business Integration, Enterprise Application Development Practice. The practice is responsible for providing project management, integration services, and e-business solutions to area businesses.

Web site focused projects:
1. Served as a member of a creative team in building a new web section (About Us) for American Express, responsible for HTML, ASP, and CSS codes.
2. Participated in creating a demonstration website for AllState Insurance Company. Using HTML, JSP, and Flash to show client what IBM can create for them.
3. Join a creative team to build a Flash presentation for American Express, responsible for both Action Script codes and Flash animation.
4. Worked productively in a development team to build an intranet website from the ground up for Aetna Insurance Company, Responsible for HTML temples, CSS, and JSP codes.
5. Successfully designed, developed and implemented the new IBM W3 Bluepages with new function and interface (IBM w3 Bluepages is an intranet for IBMer doing research on other IBMers, include contact information, projects, job experience and special interest), responsible for HTML temples, and CSS codes.
6. Work as web developer in “full cycle” website design and creation for Regulatory Data Corp. to design and create their entire website. Using HTML, JavaScript, CGI.
7. Join the development team in the website rename and upgrade of Altria Group (Philip Morris). Responsible for micro design documents, HTML temples, ASP transform controlling, and CSS codes for the new website.

Multimedia focused projects:
8. Join the production of a short introduction film for American Express, to help an IBM marketing effort. Digitized all film footage, edited movie clips, and create the interface layout. Software used includes: Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Photoshop.
9. Served as a team member in generating a 15-minute 3-D computer animation movie, designed as non-violent children’s entertainment (for age 4 and up.) Software used includes: RayDream Studio, Infinite-D, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Photoshop.

Software focused projects:
10. Work as a back-end Java developer on IBM ERS(Expense Report Solution), working with individual clients, create specific functions for each client’s need. The back-end will control the application’s administrative functions, and passing data between DB2/Oracle and the front-end in a J2EE environment.
11. Work as Java developer on IBM MSP(Multiple Service Platform) 300MM wafer FAB(Fabrication facility) FOUP( front opening unified pods)responsible for create, customize, installation and maintenance of the MSP application in the 300mm environment. MSP connect SiView and individual 300MM tools, create world first fully automated semiconductor manufacturing facility.
12. Developed an MS-Access tool to organize test cases and test scripts for systems tests on Fidelity project. Using Microsoft Access, and VB script.
13. Worked on the development a new internal labor-claiming system for IBM. Using Microsoft Access, and VB script, it can generate weekly labor hour report for management.
University of Massachusetts Amherst
1. Webmaster for Department of Plant and Soil Sciences
2. Webmaster for Office of Jewish Affairs
3. Designing and coding Web-pages
4. Designing Web-base images; i.e., image process, animated pictures, various banners, buttons and logos
Network Engines Inc. Canton, MA
Software Testing Engineer ( Co-op )
1. Developed automated testing software on Windows system (using VB)
2. Designed and created Linux FTP testing process for hardware reliability test (using C and shell scripts)
3. Testing NetworkEngines’ modified version of Webmin and Apache Web Server which resides on Viper LX
Microway Inc. Kingston, MA
Software Design Engineer ( Co-op )
1. Designed and created Microway’s compiler driver 0.9 and 1.0 testing software on Linux platform (using C)
2. Analyzed performance and reliability of Alpha 21264DP hardware and software (using SPEC95)
Excel Switching Co. Lucent Hyannis, MA
Hardware Testing Engineer ( Co-op )
Software Design Engineer
1. Designed Purge Information Collector (Database management system, using MS-Access)
2. Designed DMT plans and test procedures (Design Maturity Test)
3. Documented hardware test plan
4. ARPP calculation (Automated Reliability Prediction Procedure calculation)
5. Assisted in-house computer lab
UMass Amherst Career Network Amherst, MA
Web Master ( Co-op )
1. Designed and coded Campus Career Network’s Web-page
2. Designed Web-page graphics; i.e., image process, animated pictures, various banners, buttons and logos.
3. Set up and maintained Campus Career Network’s Web site
Novasoft Inc. ( Co-op )
Software testing using WinRunner automation testing tool.
University of Massachusetts Amherst
BS in Computer science (class 2001) (100% self-finance)
Computer Skills
Hardware: Alpha-based Unix workstation, Intel based PC, Macintosh, and Intel-based Unix workstation Operation System: Linux, Unix, AIX, MS-DOS, Windows, Mac OS X Programming: AS3, Javascript, Java , JSP, C, Pascal, Basic, HTML, Dbase, Assemble, and VB. Other Applications: IBM VisualAge for Java 4.0, Oracle 7.1-7.3.3 (on HPUX, UltraSparc, Sparc, Solaris, IBM Workstation, Digital Alpha, Alpha NT, Win3.1, Win95, WinNT), Adobe Illustrator8.0, Adobe PhotoShop5.0, MS-FrontPage98, RayDream Studio5.0, Infinite-D4.5, Direct8, Flash4, MS-VJ++ and MS-VB5.0, Webmin, Apache WebServer 1.3, ProFTPD Server, Majordomo, TestDirector 7.2, WinRunner 7.0
B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.
Certified Java 2 non-GUI programmer
Certified WebSphere Servlet programmer
Certified Mercator programmer
Certified TestDirector 7.2 developer
Certified WinRunner 7.0 programmer
US citizen
Fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese.
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